Agroecosystem Critical Zone Research Cluster

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Agroecosystem Critical Processes in a Changing Climate

Climate change accentuates the intricate links between human and natural systems. The thin layer of land, air and water that supports life--Earth's "critical zone"--is under pressure to sustain human populations with food, habitation, energy, and water. This research cluster seeks to identify small- and large-scale impacts of different agricultural practices on the natural soil and water processes, particularly in light of climate change.

This research cluster is one of three groups awarded a 2012 Environmental Sciences Network seed grant to pursue major funding for their ideas.

Organizing Ideas

Various studies have shown that the practical implications of climate change in the North American temperate, agricultural ecoregion will continue to be characterized by extreme weather events. These events, along with rising temperatures, affect hydrological processes that drive soil and land properties critical to activities such as agriculture and grazing. Increasing pressure for efficient land use to meet ever-increasing human demands in turn affect the vulnerability of the ecosystem to extreme events.

As a team comprising a variety of disciplines (soil science; microbial ecology, aqueous geochemistry; hydrology; plant sciences; remote sensing; and systems modeling), this cluster provides an integrated multidisciplinary approach to develop and refine a system-level understanding of the drivers, sensitivities, thresholds and therefore resilience of critical zone services in the face of changing climate, land use and management factors.

Specific research goals include:

  • characterize and model the geological, hydrological, biogeochemical and ecological dynamics of several test sites in Ohio
  • predict resilience of ecosystem services under changing climate and land-use scenarios
  • develop and test management strategies for optimizing sustainability.


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