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May Term/Summer Semester 2014
Autumn Semester 2014

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Summer Semester 2014


Water Contamination: Sources & Health Impact

PUBHEHS 7360/FDSCTE 7360  
Course #: 28397
Instructor: Jiyoung Lee
Meeting times: Tuesday, Thursday, 1-5:45 pm
Credits: 3 hours

Water contamination affects our health and daily life in various ways. It has been one of the biggest pollution problems for the past decades and is gaining new attention since we now face and expect extreme weather events more frequently due to climate change and the water resources are becoming limited. The course is designed to cover major water contaminants, including microbial infectious agents, chemical pollutants, and other toxic agents in water that are transmitted via numerous ways and human activities. The lectures are designed to provide understanding about the sources of contamination, the pathways of transport, public health impacts and interventions. Emerging issues as well as fundamental issues will be discussed.

Autumn Semester 2014


Ecology of Inland Waters

EEOB 5420
Instructor: James Bauer
Meeting times: Lecture, Tues/Thurs 11:10AM-12:30PM; Lab, Wed 12:45-3:45PM
Credits: 3 hours (lecture), 1 hour (lab)

Ecology of Inland Waters (EEOB 5420) will be offered as a full-semester 14-week course in Fall 2014. This course will explore the ecology, physics and chemistry of lakes, wetlands, streams and rivers. The interactions between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, the balance between autotrophic and heterotrophic processes in inland waters, and the responses of these systems to current and future human impacts and climate change will be key themes throughout the course. Lectures will emphasize an interdisciplinary approach and will include discussions of papers from the primary literature. Labs will include plankton identification, nutrient analyses, and a 3-day field trip to OSU’s Stone Laboratory to gain experience in aquatic field sampling and analysis techniques.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

ENR 5600
Instructor: Ryan Hottle
Meeting times: Thurs 5:30PM-8:10PM
Credits: 3 hours

As the climate continues changing and with a global population expected to expand from seven to more than nine billion by 2050, the question of how to sustainably and equitably feed the world has emerged as one of the greatest environmental, social, economic and ethical challenges of the day. This dynamic class on sustainable agriculture will examine a wide range of topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. ENR 5600 is open to both graduate and undergraduate students.

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