Climate, Security, Health and Resilience Inititative Launches

April 16, 2014

The Mershon Center for International Security Studies, the Byrd Polar Research Center, and the Center for Resilience at Ohio State have joined forces to launch a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative called Climate, Security, Health & Resilience (CSHR). CSHR is seeking participants for a series of workshops and conferences at Ohio State during 2014 and 2015.

Theme Areas

The CSHR Initiative has identified five principal topics, each focusing on specific interdependencies.

(1) Climate and Health — impacts of climate on human and animal health, spread of disease, animal migration, genetic transformations, epidemics, mass extinctions; early warning/preventive methods.

(2) Climate and Resource Security — impacts on water, food, and energy security, including fresh water availability, crop adaptations, renewable resources, nutrition and sanitation in developing nations, commodity supply chains, as well as mitigation of associated greenhouse gas emissions.

(3) Climate and International Security — climate impacts on diplomatic and military conflict resolution, regulation, transboundary environmental problems, governmental instability, and international aid.

(4) Climate and Population Dynamics — impacts on international migration, social mobility, age and gender structure, fertility and social mobility, as well as methods of climate/population modelling.

(5) Climate and Community Resilience — responding to climate impacts and the energy-water-food nexus through adaptation, including urban and regional design, land use, transportation, green buildings, smart growth, carbon mitigation, infrastructure resilience, disaster preparedness, community governance, development of adaptive capacity, and open source urbanism.


The first workshop, focusing on Climate Change and Health, will be held in Fall of 2014, followed by a second workshop on Climate Change and Resource Security in Spring of 2015.  These initial workshops are intended to bring together a network of OSU scholars to share their current research, identify a research agenda, and lay the foundation for a broader conference that includes nationally and internationally recognized experts from outside of OSU.

Get Involved

To participate in either or both of these workshops, please email your title and abstract (100 words) for your proposed presentation by Friday April 25, 2014 to: Team presentations including faculty and graduate students are encouraged. In May 2014, dates and further details will be established for these workshops.

For additional information about the Climate, Security, Health and Resilience Initiative, contact Megan Uhrig, program coordinator, Mershon Center for International Security Studies, 614-688-5944.

Photo: Climate change effects on the island nation of Kiribati. Source: United Nations.