Nicholas Basta

Environment and Natural Resources


Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources

My research program focuses on environmental soil chemistry:

  • Fundamental biogeochemical processes that affect heavy metal and trace element bioavailability, human health, and ecological risk in soil-water systems
    Development of innovative chemical methods and techniques to evaluate soil chemical processes and soil components that control bioavailability and/or risk of chemical species (e.g., nutrients, contaminants)
  • Risk-based environmental chemistry of organic and inorganic pollutants in contaminated soils with emphasis on human (e.g., public health), agronomic (e.g., crop, animal), and ecotoxicity bioavailability and contaminant transmission pathways
  • Development and evaluation of new technologies used for remediation of contaminated soils (e.g., in situ immobilization, bioremediation); development of innovative in vitro chemical methods to evaluate the ability of new remediation methods to reduce contaminant bioavailability and risk and to evaluate the long-term environmental fate (e.g., longevity) of remediation
  • Beneficial use of agricultural, industrial, and municipal by-products through land application; soil and environmental chemistries of by-products in agronomic/environmental systems with emphasis on their risk and environmental impact