Shale Environmental Management Research Cluster

OSU shale environmental researcher discussion.

Measuring impacts, finding potential

This interdisciplinary cluster of researchers from across Ohio State University and their partners in other institutions seek workable solutions to energy and environmental issues surrounding shale energy development, including water use, ecological impacts, soil/sediment movement and air quality.

The research cluster is one of three groups awarded a 2012 Environmental Sciences Network seed grant to pursue major funding for their ideas.

Organizing Ideas

Led by Ohio Water Resources Center Associate Director Zuzana Bohrerova, the Shale Environmental Management Research Cluster uses sustainability science and engineering approaches to address diverse environmental management issues related to all aspects of shale energy development. The investigators seek to develop technologies and techniques for measuring and minimizing environmental impact--from reducing water needs to smart sensing and treatment to modified drill-pad construction.

Specific research thrusts include:

  • Management of water and wastes: developing treatment methods; innovative technologies for reuse and/or energy harvesting; life cycle analysis and water resource management
  • Landscape sustainability: developing remedial technologies; creating waste containment systems and strategies; working with regulatory agencies and industry to determine best practices for access road and drill pad siting/layout
  • Diagnosis of ecosystem health: implementing robust baseline environmental monitoring of shale energy development sites and surroundings; developing tools for analysis and creating diagnostic signatures; assessing human and ecological risk


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Bhavik BakshiBhavik Bakshi
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
614 292-4904

Nicholas BastaNicholas Basta
Environment and Natural Resources
614 292-6282

Jeff BielickiJeff Bielicki
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering/Public Affairs

Zuzana BohrerovaZuzana Bohrerova
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
614 292-2807

Konrad DabrowskiKonrad Dabrowski
Environment and Natural Resources
614 292-4555

Isabel EscobarIsabel Escobar
Univ. of Toledo Dept. of Chem. and Env. Engineering
419 530-8267

Roman LannoRoman Lanno
Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
614 292-4943

Jiyoung LeeJiyoung Lee
Public Health
614 292-5546

John LenhartJohn Lenhart
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
614 688-8157

Paula MouserPaula Mouser
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
614 247-4429

Shaurya PrakashShaurya Prakash
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
614 688-4045

Youngwoo SeoYoungwoo Seo
Univ. of Toledo Dept. of Chem. and Env. Engineering
419 530-8131

Olli TuovinenOlli Tuovinen
614 688-4045

No headshot available. Image of flowers.Mary Ann Thomas
USGS Ohio Water Center
614 430-7736

Elizabeth TomanElizabeth Toman
School of Environment & Natural Resources
614 688-1057

Hendrik VerveijHendrik Verveij
Materials Science Engineering
614 247-6987

Linda WeaversLinda Weavers
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
614 292-4061

Jon WitterJon Witter
Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering
614 292-6538

Barbara WolfeBarbara Wolfe
Veterinary Medicine


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Zuzana BohrerovaZuzana Bohrerova
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
614 292-2807