Student Groups

Student activities fairIf you're studying the environment, chances are that you're not just intellectually curious--you're also passionate. Whether you're interested in service projects or gaining experience in a new field, you can find a group of like-minded folks in the list below or among the complete list of Ohio State student groups at the Ohio Union.

And if you don't see a group that meets your needs, start one!

Science-in-Service Student Groups and Special Interest Clubs

Buckeyes for Children's Safe Drinking Water
Buckeyes for Children’s Safe Drinking Water exist to raise awareness of the clean water crisis and other devastating issues around the world. We utilize our partnerships to collect donations for the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water Program to help save lives with clean drinking water.

Center for Energy, Agriculture, Renewable Technology, & Health (EARTH Center)
The mission of the EARTH Center is to provide a center for scientific research, design, demonstration and deployment of vital projects that enable humanity to confront the most profound global challenges of the 21st century including climate change, food insecurity, and extreme poverty. The EARTH Center aims for the advancement of scientifically-proven sustainable solutions to global challenges as well as the development of economic policy and global decision making that promotes the equitable implementatiozn of such solutions.

EcoCAR Challenge TeamEcoCAR Challenge Team facebook link
The EcoCAR Team at the Ohio State University is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who convert a Chevrolet Malibu (Donated by GM) into a vehicle with higher fuel economy and lower emissions, while maintaining performance and consumer acceptability. We compete with 16 other universities throughout North America in an annual EcoCAR Challenge competition. This competition evaluates vehicle design in a variety of dynamic and static events over the course of 3 years of the automotive design process.

Ecological Engineering SocietyEcological Engineering Society 
facebook link
Ecological Engineering Society Mission Statement: To educate ourselves and others about ecological engineering and the potential for ecological engineering, to develop our potential as ecological engineers, to develop ecological engineering as a course of study at OSU and as an area of science in the broader community, and to influence local and global sustainability.

Engineers for a Sustainable World
ESW’s vision is a world in which engineering fosters environmental, social, and economic sustainability to improve both quality of life and the condition of our planet.

Environmental Law Association
To promote knowledge and understanding of issues effecting the environment, and to foster critical thinking of how public policy and laws should be shaped to support intelligent conservation of natural resources.Science in Service Organizations

Free the Planet
Raising environmental awareness and activism among students to bring about a more sustainable and socially just campus and world.

H2O for Life: A Clean Water Project
H2O for Life is an organization that provides funds for clean water initiatives in nations around the world through fundraising.

Meteorology Club at The Ohio State UniversityMeteorology Club facebook link
The purpose of the Meteorology Club is to create enthusiasm for the various fields in meteorology through meetings and seminars held throughout the academic year, and to create community among students at The Ohio State University.

Multicultural Students in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)
Ohio State MANRRS works to increase the number of multicultural students studying sciences in the food system, agricultural, and environmental areas; and to encourage scholarly achievement, leadership, advancement, and excellence in students.

OSU Net Impact
Net Impact brings together leaders with a passion for creating solutions to a wide range of Environmental and Social issues. Through Networking across academic and professional disciplines, Net Impact OSU strives to Educate, promote Curriculum Change, foster Discussion, and actively engage in Social Change Projects targeting our local community and beyond.

Parks and Recreation SocietyParks and Recreation Society 
facebook link
We are students interested in outdoor adventure, environmental education, park rangers, search and rescue, park administration, community recreation, tourism planning and development and all things related to parks, recreation and tourism careers. We invite guest speakers to meet with us and share their expertise in the field. We go on outings to meet professionals at work and learn about what they do and how to do it. We participate in mentoring workshops, attend conferences and gain special skills necessary to this career field. We also volunteer to give back to the community.

SankalpaSankalpa facebook link
Sankalpa is a student movement started in Columbus, Ohio mostly by students of The Ohio State University. The aim of Sankalpa is to undertake sustainable, micro-level projects in India in areas like education, public health and sanitation, agriculture, etc. We have regular meetings where we discuss projects and ideas and learn about the latest news and happenings in India. We also regularly undertake fundraising Our main objective is to support Sustainable, Micro-developmental, and Grassroots level projects in areas like education, health, sanitation, and agriculture. Sankalpa co-ordinates and supports it’s developmental projects through independent and dedicated social-workers/small-scale non-profit groups.

Solar Education & OutreachSolar Education and Outreach facebook link
we strive to educate ourselves, our fellow students, and the University in general about Solar energy and other green technology and initiatives emerging in the world.

South Africa Water Reuse Initiative
The formation of our group is inspired by the upcoming trip to South Africa with the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering at the Ohio State University. The study abroad program was designed to provide an international educational and cultural experience in South Africa, with a focus on sustainable solutions for informal settlement. During the three week program, participants will learn about social, economic, and environmental problems that mark South Africa. Additionally, participants will learn about current projects in South Africa that are targeted towards issues associated with a rampant housing and water shortage. Our project group hopes to inspire new innovation and give a younger generation the tools to solve some of South Africa’s greatest problems. Our faculty advisor is Dr. Andy Ward. In future years, the group will continue to focus on design for water reuse in South Africa.

Students for a Sustainable CampusStudents for a Sustainable Campus facebook link
Students for a Sustainable Campus (SSC) actively works with students, faculty, and staff at The Ohio State University in pursuit of ecological awareness and change. SSC leads a variety of initiatives to address issues related to energy, the environment, and public health.

Students for RecyclingStudents for Recycling facebook 
It shall be the purpose of Students for Recycling to build a coalition of student organizations to promote recycling, to raise awareness about recycling on campus, to raise money to assist the already established Ohio State Recycling Program, and to provide education on the impact of waste disposal.

WILL WORK FOR FOODWill work for food facebook link
Volunteering locally to save children globally.

Student Chapters of Professional Societies/Organizations

American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Water Environment Federation (WEF) at Ohio State
i. To promote student interest in the environment and awareness of current environmental problems/needs. ii. To provide an avenue for the exchange of information and ideas through networking and mentoring between students, faculty, Water Environment Federation (WEF) members, and iii. To promote academic excellence and leadership in environmental science, operations and engineering.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon
SGE is an organization to honor excellent academic achievement for Graduate and Undergraduate students in the Earth Sciences and to provide opportunities for students to get involved in philanthropic, professional, scholastic, and social events within the science. Through the society, members are encouraged to have an active role within the organization and School of Earth Sciences, meet fellow students and network with faculty.

TerrAqua Student Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation SocietyTerrAqua Student Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society facebook link
We are a natural resources based club with an emphasis on the conservation, care, and enjoyment of the aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers Student Chapter
The American Academy of Environmental Engineers: OSU Student Chapter is a professional organization committed to bringing together students with a common interest in Environmental Engineering, providing them with networking opportunities, and opportunities to engage in the community while serving the environment.

The Ohio State University Student Chapter of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
The Ohio State University Student Chapter of ASPRS , American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, was organized to further the scientific knowledge of both undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, as well as other related topics in the professions of Geomatics and Earth Science. We attempt to reach our goals through educational meetings and technical discussions with world renowned professors and researchers, as well as informal gatherings at local Columbus venues.