What We Do

Stream with flowers. Source: Jay Langlois.

What does the Network do?

Help collaborators get their ideas funded

Large, multidisciplinary research collaborations are one of the most effective ways to tackle large, complex research questions--which is most questions in the environmental sciences. Network staff make it easier for faculty to collaborate across the university on environmental research proposals with our seed grant competition, upcoming grant workshops and good old-fashioned networking.

Institutional advocacy

We're working at all university levels to reduce barriers to interdisciplinary research--from promotion and tenure language to fiscal structures to team-teaching agreements. We're also looking to the future as we engage with faculty and staff from all over the university in strategic planning for interdisciplinary environmental research/education infrastructure (including cyberinfrastructure).

Connect individuals and groups across the university

We inform researchers about what’s going on in their own university “backyard”: events, news, and most importantly, other research that may be complementary to their own. Starting fall 2012, look for networking events, brownbags, colloquia, and our university-wide seminar series. Check back often as we continue to build our online network on this website as well as with other online social networking tools.

The external face of environmental sciences at Ohio State

Because we are not an academic unit, we can paint the bigger picture of all of the great environmental science that is coming out of Ohio State--whether in the School of Earth Sciences, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Environmental Engineering, Public Health, or any of the dozens of other departments, centers and programs engaged in environmental research.

This helps outside visitors--like prospective students, faculty and postdoctoral researchers--find the information they need to find a good fit at Ohio State. We also give a voice to interdisciplinary environmental research that may not otherwise be represented.

We represent you--so let us know how we're doing